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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  June 12, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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twitter and instagram. thanks for watching. "the greg eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tweet for comfort. >> sometimes god allows terrible
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things to happen in your life and you don't know why. but that doesn't mean you should stop trusting him. investigators are trying to figure out why the shooter went after her. >> they are going through the suspect's cell phone and computer and find a motive for the game. the suspect had two handguns on his person. he had two loaded magazines for the handgun and a large hunting knife. >> casy what do we know about with the suspect. >> reporter: we don't have a whole lot. he has no prior criminal record that we have been able to dig up and flew under the radar and no social media accounts that we can locate height. the 20-year-old james lovell from st. peters burg, florida to
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the concert in orlando to carry out the crime. they believe the young singer was targeted for whatever reason. about 120 fans stuck around the show last night for a meet and greet and they actually witnessed the whole thing go down. can you imagine? the cops are calling the singer's brother a hero. he tackled the suspect after watching him shoot his sister. more people could have been hurt here if not for the quick thinking, laura. >> how much security was there. and how did the gunman get past with the weapon. >> reporter: that is a question that is not answered right now. like most stadiums and concert venues. they check bags and purses that
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come in however there are no metal detectors. he had two guns and magazines but a large hunting knife. they must have been well concealed for them not to be detected. it has had sent shockwaves and maroon front man and adam levine served as kristina's mentor. and the caption reads, i am sad and shocked and confused. we love you so much grimmi e this is not fair. >> this started minutes after the shooting last night. >> thank you for bringing us us up-to-date. >> turning to the campaign trail and donald trump firing back at the last man to hold that
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position. mitt romney. romney said it would cause trickle down racism and trump told his party to step it up and fired back. >> i watched poor sad mitt romney this morning, and he suffers from masoanist. he is sitting like a real stiff. he choked and let us down. the republican party should get their act together and come together. we have to win and if no other reason, the supreme court, remember that. for no other reason. >> never a dull moment. peter doocey live in tampa. and we know that mitt romney is not happy about donald trump being the nominee. >> reporter: maybe enough upset to cry about it. romney was blinking back tears
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while talking about trump and clinton being the choices. last night he said trump appeals to people's racist tendency and the jokes of how big his hands inspector the primary debates are just as much of a problem as bill clinton's affairs. trump as has heard about this and fighting back. >> poor mitt romney is sad. oh, yeah. he's a sad case. you know what a choke artist is? right. you know when a guy misses the kick and you bring another one in. you don't want that thought in your head. he is have beat pen a failed president. >> reporter: trump said if republicans don't unite.
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even if he wins the white house they could lose down races. >> did he give us a hint of his running mate. >> reporter: he did with a public early vetting. trump polled the audience and asked them number two on the ticket and got interesting responses. >> he wants to know who i am going to choose for vice-president. who do you like? he said newt. who do you like? sessions. he says condi rice. >> reporter: he's not going to parback the schedule. he wants to be on the trail and feels like he's 35 years old and
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today was nothing like the subdued speeches he gachlt both events had all of the hallmarks. there were no disruptive protest, either here in tampa or in up outside of the pittsburg. that is something that is new for trump. not to have that. he likes the protestors today. and he thinks a lot of them will end up voting for him to fall. >> one of the people on trump's short list for v, jeff sessions from alabama and he's sitting down with chris wallac e on fox news sunday. >> the clinton campaign going after donald trump and treating out a fake infommercial for trump university. >> you don't actually learn anything. it's that easy.
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don't miss a once in a lifetime chance to give your hard earned money to an alleged billionaire. call now. >> kristin fisher is live with this one. the clinton campaign are stepping up the attacks on trump, aren't they. >> they are becoming aggressive. clinton announced. when trump goes off the staff script he insults anyone. and senator for her and elizabeth warren. and republicans should disavow. and even though clinton is taking the weekend off she is fine-tuning her attacks against trump. one of the central argument system she believes he is bad for women's rights and she hammered that at home yesterday. >> this is a man who called
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women pigs and dogs and disgusting animals. kind of hard to imagine counting on him to respect our fundmental rights when high said pregnant women are an inconvenience to their employer. what does that it say about how he values women and our work and contributions. >> indeed, it is a demographic that trump is struggling with. clinton just picked up an endorsement in the democratic party. elizabeth warren. and she is on the short list. and clinton scooped up endorsements from the president and vice-president and today reverend jesse jackson as well. >> and what about the other democrat in the race. bernie sanders. >> pressure is mounting for
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bernie sanders to drop out especially after obama's endorsement of clinton. and tomorrow bernie sanders invited closest strat jiez about his next move. sanders will stay in the race until every voter had a chance to weigh in and that is three days from now. the final democratic primary here in dc. >> thank you, kristin. >> and right now, stanford university is preparing for protest amid outrage of a six month rape sentence. the court documents contradicting brock turner's prior claims and new calls for the judge in this case to lose his gavel. >> this is an outrage. this makes every woman at college in the state of california less safe is. >> storm systems brewing over
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. being a non-smoker feels great. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> stanford university brayings for protestors at the graduation ceremony. the on line petition to remove the judge from his post has 1 million signatures and picking up support from prochlinent political -- prominent political figures. here's more from brian. what do we know about the protest tomorrow? >> the stanford daily said the students will protest in the last walk for graduation.
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they are going to hold signs to support the female victim who was sexual assaulted by brock turner in 2015. they are outraged that he received a six month sentence and convicted of three felonies. they feel it is a failure. turner blames stanford university for the party culture. but the review of the 400 plus documents in the case shows that prosecutor cited text messages of turner using lsd and drinking all the way back through high school. >> what about the judge? >> reporter: the judge and his family have received death threats and jurors are refusing to serve in his courtroom. the judge cited turner's youth
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and lack of criminal and citing the impact on turner's life. giving him six months and three years probation. 1.3 million people sign issed petitions to oust the j. a law professor is garnering 70000 hand written signatures to put persky's recall on the ballot. >> we need judges who understand the consequence was sexual violence and give sentences. >> reporter: at least 16 california law makers urnged the california commission on judicial performance to investigate persky. we believe he made the wrong decision and should have sentenced turner to prison. we don't believe we have
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a basis. because it was made by applying the standards. the judge is set to begin a new six- year term in january, laura. >> what repercussions can the judge face? and any chance that another judge could have that six month sentence changed? judge janine will be here to explain that. you don't want to miss it. >> sport fans squares off against riot police outside of a major sporting event. how witnesses say it started. plus, the royal family celebrating a mile with british pageantry on on display. ♪ i want to be royal.
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tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions and medications including botulinum toxins, as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. look me... in the eyes... and see what's possible... botox® cosmetic. it's time to take a closer look. go britain is putting politics aside to celebrate queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. it was a magnificent display. the lady of the hour looked resplendent in deion green. here is the sight and sounds of today's celebrations. [applause] >> the brits know how to put on
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a parade. a parade. ♪ >> we came to the golden jubilee. ♪ >> it is the most wonderful occasion to live this long and serve the country so long.
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♪ now that is a birthday party. the birthday wraps up when the royal family joins 10000 people. the role birthday is on april 21st. the official celebration happen in june to take advantage of the good weather. a little different tune here. english fans running for cover after violence erupts.
2:24 am
two soccer fans were injured in clashes ahead of england's opening match. they used water cannons. some say russian fans started it. and others blame police tactics. and the french sports minister is urging fans to support their teams peacefully. and this is rather serious. extreme weather alert. severe storms taking aim at the country from the high plains to the northeast. dangerous winds and hail and possible tornados, janice dean is here with the latest. once again here we g. >> it is that time of year, and when we get a little taste in summer. summer a ratifies on june 20th on the calendar. look at that. we are getting the heat on. dc had the first 90 degrees day today. and they will feel the heat
2:25 am
tomorrow as well. watches and warnings pointing out for severe weather. a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 p.m. local time. not too it many thunderstorm warnings. but a smatterings of them. and that is not panning out which is good news. we like it when we get the forecast wrong for the big areas like the northeast. and we'll look for the threat of strong to severe storms. we are not looking at a big risk. tomorrow in the midwest and central u.s. and rockies. and isolated tornados, and current temperatures, look at that laura ingle. 90s in a lot of big states and heat index here. and dc folks 90. and a lot of people in dc are complaining it was a cold winter
2:26 am
and if you complain for the summertime. i have. >> react the snow in my freezer and snow ball for those who complain about the heat. snow ball from this last winter. the queen's 90th birthday. she could not wear that on a green screen. >> she would be in trouble. >> but god bless her for bringing back the neon green. >> someone must have said wear a bright color. >> look at her. it is amazing. >> it is spectacular. >> it is indeed. and using tea to toast something. >> and military spending and focus of intense debate. the senate could pass its version on monday. the provisions in the bill that
2:27 am
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it's the bottom of the hour. i am laura in for joil banderas. a live look for you now at capitol hill as the senate votes on their part of the defense bit. before that can happen law makers need to find common ground. it is it not a clear cut. it is a difference of opinion within the gop. >> reporter: a few of the provisions are dividing republicans in congress. one of those provisions in the defense authorization would require women to register for the draft. that prompted the heritage foundation to call on senators to reject the bill despite the 602 billion it would author.
2:32 am
regardless of whatever merits it does have it deserves to be defeated because law makers should not force young women in military services through the selective service. >> that was not part republicans pushed through. they may leave it out. the white house promised to veto the bill over a provision to prevent it from closing the guantanamo bay. a threat that the gop responded to. >> they are not there for parking tickets. they want to kill americans and hat everything we stand for. the white house however, has not ruled out unlateral action. transferring detainees to the united states jeopardizes our security. >> and the white house expresses frustration. >> we need congress to get out of the way. they included restrictions that
2:33 am
prevented the administration from doing what is necessary. >> reporter: they are expected to vote and pass on the defense bill. until then law makers could add on other amendments as well. >> thank you, garrett. all of this as violence continues to rage in the middle east. isis claiming responsibility for deadly bombing. women and children among the victim's killed. the u.s. backed rebels are closing in on the terror groups defactor in the north. they have an uphill climb as they are upagainst the terror group and president's regime. >> reporter: laura, it was a grisly scene after isis launched suicide attacks and among the victims women and children. at least 20 people were killed and dozens of others injured in
2:34 am
the attack and they happened in a town six miles south in the center of damascus. three of the militants, two with explosive belts carried out the attacks. it happen by the syrian shrine. they come as isis is reportedly losing ground in northern syria with u.s. backed kurdish and antiisis forces. and surrounding the defactor capitol of ra qqa. they are fighting to cut off the supply route. it is it a tough fight. syrian rebel forces have not only battled isis, but syrian bap shar assad's regime. another suburb was bombed infuriating u.s. and french officials saying it was bombed
2:35 am
after humanitarian aid was delivered there. first time aid reached the government besieged town. and the world food prom managed to truck in 480 foot rations and sugar and salt and rice to help 2400 people. [inaudible] >> concern remains that the relief will be short lived as fighting is raging on in that region of syria and many areas remain cut off from the help, laura. >> all right. john, thanks. a solar powered plane stopped in the big apple in the historic trip around the world.
2:36 am
the swiss made plane landed at jfk international airport. the pilot said the views inspire them of continuing to work free for a world relying on fossil fuel. they will stay here in new york city and then head to europe. previous stops included china and japan and pennsylvania. >> ready for launch. a top secrete mission for a delta rocket under way. it is our top story as we go across america. florida, 2, 1, and liftoff. >> the world's most powerful rocket taking off from the cape canaveral air force base. on board a super secret spy satellite amid the 1.5 billion of cargo. bad weather scrubbed the earlier
2:37 am
attempts to launch the delta force rocket. missouri, a car crashing in a grocery store with seven people inside including three children. they all went to the hospital with serious injuries because no one inside of the car was wearing a society belt. the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a concrete barrier. >> new york. >> it is about having fun first. and they may not realize they are doing codinging. >> sneaky education. a new toy uses a toy caterpillar. they connect the parts which move according to how it programs. >> he hits the wall and switches the pieces. >> it is called the coda pillar are and hits stores next month. >> south carolina. these folks are trying to break the world's record for the
2:38 am
largest sweet tea. so this yearsomerville residents trying to brew 2400 gallons of the sweet tea to get their title back. >> there is outrage growing in the stanford rape case, and not all of it directed at the perpetrator. million people signed to take the judge out of power. judge ja nine joins me live next. check this out. >> you are talking about a hit or run or anything was it? >> a traffic stop ending in tears, police help a iraq war veteran surprise his mom. >> i don't think it was not a single request that the young a single request that the young
2:39 am
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all right and his excuse and reasoning make no sense and i tell you why. he said that say prison sentence would impact the kid, brock, and i think he will not be a danger to others. what we know now, this kid lied to the judge and said, he was inexperienced with alcohol and that is not the case. he was aggressive with other women and even though he was drunk two times the legal limit or automatic. and in order for the judge to sentence him to other than state's prison and county jail. the judge would have to make a special finding that there were circumstances that almost require a lesser sentence. there is no such circumstance. this victim was sentenced to
2:44 am
being a life of rape victim and hopefully a rape survivor. there was a letter from the victim and her boyfriend wrote one also. she is afraid to sleep alone and hides in the apartment. a lot of people are asking, is there any possibility that another judge could change the sentence. is that possible? >> no. no. the fact that this judge on the case, this is a horrific crime. i have read the police report and if you want to know how bad it is, read the victim impact statement that the victim read to the court. it is chilling. this woman was left near a dumpster with pine needles in her hair and he is be in state prison. and no way the judge should be
2:45 am
allowed to stay in the bench based on the concept of it is part of the culture, and i tell you what, laura, we are seeing this all over the country. campus rapes connected to alcohol and boys doing sports. >> the judge read the police report and he sat on the case. they are now made public and what the case file being yesterday. and people wondering if the judge's sentence going to be giving him repercussion. >> as long as he makes a sentence that is legal but not politically popular does not get punished. but if there is a recall, we'll have the person oerl organizing the recall campaign of the judge. then he could have the possibility of being recalled. he was appointed by gray davis.
2:46 am
and said he was tough on sex crimes. shame on him and all of the stanford. >> you looked through all of the information filed yesterday and there was a lot of information and points of brock turner being dishonest about the drinking and aggressor at the party and obviously the sister of the victim talked about how he creeped her out. and he was hitting on the sister before he hit on the victim. there is a lot in this. and how do you, or where to you think it will go at this point? >> i think the sentence will no i think that the judge may or may not be recalled. it is a probation department that recommended a lesser sentence than the da. but the judge who saw the jury of 12 people make a decision. and that this kid is get of
2:47 am
three violent felonies, shame on that judge for sentencing him to something that was akin to a misdemeanor. >> you have a show coming up. >> we'll have great people including eric trump. >> tonight on the program. always a pleasure. thank you for being on the fox report. thank you. >> a long- time clinton confidant. the new revelation. plus, an amazing story two decades. how there was a heart warming reunion.
2:48 am
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>> a california mother is reunited with her son after he was kidnapped. he was one years old when he was taken bite father. finally investigators got a tip leading them to steve hernandez. his mother never gave up hope of finding him. >> now the anguish i have carried is gone now i have my son back. i spent 21 years looking for him.
2:52 am
>> hernandez meeting his younger brothers for the first time. the father is presumed dead. steve had no plans to return to mexico. >> and hillary clinton confidant claims he had no security clearance after exchanging e-mails with the secretary of state. >> sidney bloomenthal said thero mannian hacker are may have worked for a cold war nemessis. >> he is a ro mannian and worked from a russian server and part of a russian information operation. there is no way to gusz fer could compromise the e-mails, the hacker told otherwise wife before reaching a deal. >> is the clinton server easy or hard.
2:53 am
>> for me it was easy. it was easy. for everybody. >> reporter: the e-mail may challenge clinton's claims. the u.s. government said the e-mail is marked classified. and it was a classified code. and the rest of the e-mail was redakted before released by the state department. and there was u unclassified and as is secret and c confidential. >> she read it and that made it to her, conflicts with what she said. >> in an interview with fox news. clinton said. >> nothing that i sent is or received was marked classified and nothing is demonstrated to contradict that. >> bloomentha dht l expects them
2:54 am
to say they did not deliberately compromise secrets. >> whether anybody had criminal intent to put classified information outside of the system, i believe that that was not the case. and i think we will see a statement coming from the fbi stating that. >> reporter: the clunton campaign spokesman did not address the classified marking but another example of the government over class ifksz in the government review process. >> tears of joy when a georgia mother realized it was a set up for a special reunion.
2:55 am
got to love that dash cam video. army staff sergeant robinson fresh off of the plane from iraq and police help pulling off the surprise of the lifetime. >> it was a great reaction. >> the young man coming home after serving three deployments. and protecting us and our freedoms. i don't think there was a single request that the young man had that we shouldn't have made happen. >> robinson has two weeks before had heading back to iraq for another year. >> all of the sad news out there this will warm your heart. a roly polypuppy making a wish come true for a very brave man. what's it like to be in good hands?
2:56 am
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and the make-a-wish foundation giving a 17-year-old cancer patient some much-needed
2:58 am
puppy love. presenting him with a 9 week old english bulldog. we have learned the name is murphy. the young man from michigan says he's been wanting a dog for a long time and the foundation was happy to make it happen. a local hospital even covering the pup's vet bills we are told. his name going to stay murphy, he likes it. that's how "fox reports" this saturday, june 11, 2016. i'm laura ingle in for julie banderas. "waterer th "watters world starts right now." ♪ [ playing the national anthem ] ♪
2:59 am
♪ ♪
3:00 am
hi, friends. good morning. it's sunday the 12th of june. i'm anna kooiman. breaking right now, fox news alert, gun fire erupting inside an orlando nightclub. the gunman just confirmed dead. police now calling it a mass casualty situation. >> orlando to command, we have shots fired on scene. requesting you to stay back. >> command all units to position of cover behind your apparatus. >> garrett tenney has the breaking details. garrett, what can you tell


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